Spring / Summer

  • Biała bluza dla dzieckaBiała bluza dla dziecka -15% Off

    Creme Rainbow Sweater is a beautiful sweatshirt with a free cut in a cream white color.

    It was made of high-quality, striped knitted fabric.

  • letnie ubrania dla dzieciletnie ubrania dla dzieci -15% Off

    Little Apples t-shirt is one of our proposals from the collection – summer clothes for children. A t-shirt with a free cut in an oversize style. Made of the highest quality organic cotton. Very pleasant and delicate to the touch, making it perfect for a baby from the first days of life.

    I am a mother of two children, therefore I put a lot of emphasis on the comfort and convenience of the child and its parents. Therefore, on the left side there is a small coconut button, thanks to which the t-shirt easily passes through your child’s head.

  • Spodenki na lato dla niemowlakaSpodenki na lato dla niemowlaka

    Moonbeam, Fluid and Nougat Shorts are cute, short pants perfect for spring and summer for toddlers and bigger children.

    They fit perfectly with the rest of our clothes, in line with the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe, which gives a lot of possibilities when choosing a wardrobe for your child. Made of very soft sweatshirt fabric, so they do not pinch anywhere and most importantly they do not scratch your baby’s sensitive skin.

    The complement is a delicate cotton ribbon.

  • bluzka w paski dla niemowlaka -15% Off

    Orange Stripes t-shirt is a summer striped blouse for toddlers and children with a free oversize cut. Made of a very delicate and pleasant to the touch organic cotton. A timeless and minimalistic striped pattern in a dusty orange color, as always inspired by nature and nature, is definitely a good choice for those warm summer days.

    I am a mother of two children, so I know how important the comfort of using clothes is for parents and for the children themselves. Therefore, on the left side there is a small coconut button, thanks to which the blouse easily passes through your child’s head. It fits perfectly with the rest of our clothes.

  • W ilu stopniach prac ubranka dla niemowlakaZielona bluza dziecięca -15% Off

    A beautiful sweater with a bee in the color of sage green with a free “oversize” cut. Finished with soft welts for your baby’s comfort.

    On the left side is a cute, hand-sewn bee. The sweatshirt is very universal, so you can freely combine it with the rest of our clothes.

  • Letnie spodenki dla dziecka

    Summer shorts made of soft knit with the addition of hemp fibers. Shorts are perfect for warmer days, because they are very comfortable and do not restrict the baby’s movements in any way.

  • romper dla niemowlakaromper dla niemowlaka -15% Off

    Summer romper for babies and children made of high-quality fabric with a waffle structure. Thanks to the two-stage harness adjustment, the garment grows with your baby. There are three nappies in the crotch, which makes it easy to change the diaper.

Our summer and spring collection for babies and children. Here you can find handmade sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts and other clothes that will be perfect for your toddler